Wednesday, 21 February 2018

It’s Been A Long Time Coming ……..

But, how brilliant is it to leave The Towers for work in the morning  ……….
…….. and still get home at the end of the day ………
…….. in the light!  Darrell is such a different and happier bunny without all those depressing dark mornings and evenings.  All I can say is haaaaaaaaaaaallelujah!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Darrell Succumbs To The Unknown

There was much excitement Chez Towers this morning with the arrival of Darrell’s subscription craft beer.
He finally succumbed after seeing all the tantalising boxes that arrive every month at Tom the Scientists.
IMG_6682Now, as you know, we all very much appreciate a well shaken cocktail, but sometimes Darrell and my own good self sometimes fancy something a little hoppy of a Saturday night.
……. but as relative strangers to a craft beer, Darrell thought a subscription of said beers, chosen by others for our delectation, would broaden the horizon of our palates and save on all that time erming and ahhhing in front of the supermarket shelves.
This months choice comes from Amsterdam and promises much, Amsterdam being a very vibrant city.
Our dipping our toes into the world of craft beers will be aided, hopefully, by the “tasting notes” in the accompanying Ferment magazine, so at least we will have an idea of what to look for as we are genteelly supping, and of course, on our journey, we will obviously bring you the odd review or two.
There are also a few recipes in the aforementioned Ferment, however I don’t think anyone will be torching any sea urchins for tea at The Towers, that’s just a little too exotic, even for us and goodness knows where we would get sea urchins in Evesham anyway.
IMG_6692 Our first beer, we have decided, will be Thai Thai …… with its “ …..exciting interaction between spices, sweetness and freshness”…… hmmmmmmmmm. 

Monday, 19 February 2018

A Festive Easter Quandary ……….

With the Lenten Season upon us, Nigel, being Nigel, has naturally been taking a very keen interest in all the Easter Eggs that are now starting to fill the shop shelves, deciding which one he might liketo find at the bottom of his Easter bed ……….
……. but I have a quandary ……
I still have three chocolate reindeer left over from Christmas in the top cupboard ……..
……… do you think I could somehow persuade Nigel that they are a trio of red nosed bunnies ………
……. if I play innocent, with the strategic placing of an adhesive Easter sticker or two to cover any Christmassy tell tale bumf, do you think I could get away with it? Or, should I just cut my losses by melting them down and making crispy cake nests with them ……… and say nothing?  Answers on a postcard please.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Evesham Hit By An Earthquake!

OMG …….. who would have thought that yesterday afternoon, at around 2.42pm Evesham would feel the full force of a 4.4 magnitude earthquake. It didn’t last that long and by the time we’d mustered under the safety of the dining  table it was over…….. but the earth definitely moved.
Unlike Mr D in Mexico in Evesham we are very much strangers to the movement of the earth’s tectonic plates and seismic waves…….
….. but living so close to the river I had to reassure Nigel, as best I could, that I really didn’t think there was the risk of a tsunami to follow.
IMG_6742 However, we decided it best to stay under the table for the best part of two and a half hours just in case there were any nasty after shocks …… before moving when Darrell and Nigel started to miss their afternoon snack.  That a day!

Saturday, 17 February 2018

We Review Labertz Krauten Printen

OMG ……. Ze Monkeys have come up trumps with this triumphant packet of Teutonic gingerbread delicacies ………
…… to say that they tick absolutely every one of our comestible boxes would be an understatement.
……. they are soooooooooooooooo good, we think they will even eclipse the new Lemon Drizzle Kit Kat if/when we can get our hands on one!
They are just proper plain gingerbread without any added chocolate or sugar glaze, just a slither of nut!
They are also  very firm, so firm you have to bite them with the side of your mouth and have a real good pull and chomp …… then, they go chewy and you become overwhelmed by all the full on rich gingerbready flavour ……
IMG_6662……. followed by the extra crunch of sugar crystal bits in every bite. It says, on the bumf, that you can dip them in coffee or tea to soften them up, but even as advocates of a good dunk, and believe us, we love a good dunk ……… that would be sacrilege!
What more can we say, except no score today, that would just be too rude!!!!! To quote Mary Poppins they are “practically perfect in every way”  Nom, nom, nom!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Nigel Explores Uncharted Territories

Nigel finally got round to toddling down to the pond that none of us had ever noticed before until recently. It is situated on the cusp of our estate and Nigel has been been mithering about it ever since he first spotted it, so in the end I said “ ……. just get down there for goodness sake Nigel!”
Let’s just say it was VERY green, so green pea soup springs to mind!
Nigel could only look down to it from the pathway as it was securely fenced up, so he wasn’t able to work out how deep it is.
It also has a bed of well established bull-rushes and other foliage of a pond type nature.
Further down the field it looked a little flooded and boggy, probably due to all the recent inclement weather we’ve had and didn’t look so securely fenced up. 
IMG_6563I think Nigel was secretly hoping on finding a rope swing and perhaps a den ………. He needs to wait a while ‘till it’s not quite so squelchy under foot and then re-explore. When we first moved, we did read in another flats details that it had views of the fabled “the watercress fields” ……since finding the pond Darrell and Nigel’s further research has come up with nothing ……. but, just perhaps, this is what Nigel has found?????  We will keep you informed if we can find out more.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Oh Dear …….. Oh No …..

Darrell has become very taken by the range of, how shall I say, very vibrant and unusual hair colours available at one of the hairdressers in town ……….
………..I am afraid he could be dangerously close to actually booking a free consultation and allergy test to check his delicate scalps suitability …….
He  says he is torn between the purple passion, ocean green and hot pink, but wonders if he could ask to have a “mash up” of all three!
IMG_6644I am doing my level best to try and persuade him that how he’s got his hair now really does suit him, why over gild an already beautifully gilded lily?  Sometimes, I despair a little, living with a committed fashionista isn’t as easy as I make it seem!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Happy Valentines Day

A very Happy Valentines Day 2018 from The Towers …………
It’s a day that finds us, sadly, still relative strangers to matters of the heart. Not since those heady days at work and our unmitigated pursuit by the fragrant, but scary, Tallulah  have we dared dip our toes into those uncharted waters ………
Kiss Kitten_thumb[7]
……. but you never know …….. perhaps one day we will ……… when we are finally recovered!!!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

It’s Pancake Day

Well, Darrell, as per every year, has been slaving over a hot stove to provide us with our annual Pancake Day pancakes.
Always very critical of his skills, Darrell was, this year, reluctant to toss, as he observed that each and every pancake, for some bizarre reason, seemed to develop a split in the middle and that, he didn’t think, boded well for said traditional tossing of.
And as per usual the first pancake turned out to be the runt of the litter, but that is always the one we fight over, as for some reason it always tastes the best of the bunch.IMG_6656
There was much nomming and not much talkin’ when Darrell bought his delicacies over to the table to an eagerly awaiting Nigel and I.  And no squirty cream for us, just good old lemon juice and sugar.
We don’t think we will be giving anything up of a foodie type nature this Lent, we have been a bit tardy with our reviews of late and giving anything up could possibly get in the way, resulting in reviews just not getting done.
And ……. we have noted …… that if you’ve given up chocolate for said Lenten Season, it’s Valentines Day tomorrow and any chocolaty/confectionary type gift could be in grave danger of going stale until Easter, and that could look just a little ungrateful to your loved one.

Monday, 12 February 2018


It’s never a good sign to hear rampant screaming at The Towers, especially when it’s coming from the bedroom and when it’s Darrell who’s doing the said screaming!
I found Darrell, almost apoplectic, after turning down the duvet to find that, and I quote “….. we’d been taken over by a plague of caterpillars of biblical size and number”  - Darrell not being a stranger to the slight exaggeration.
I told him, in no uncertain terms, to calm down and take another look at what he’d “discovered” betwixt the sheets, as Nigel had now entered the room and was helpless with laughter …….  something was definitely afoot ……..
And when he finally managed to catch his breath, Nigel confessed to spotting a caterpillar tree up the road and had thought that putting a few in Darrell’s bed would be a brilliant trick to play with Darrell not being particularly keen on creatures of a wiggly type nature ………
I despair ……… poor Darrell, I don’t think he will ever be quite the same again!!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Love Is In The Evesham Air

February is famously the month in which lurve is generally celebrated  ………. and as such, many of Evesham’s finest emporiums are beginning to get in to the Valentine’s Day mood …….
…… decorating their windows accordingly …… with red being very definitely the predominant colour a la mode……..
…….. it’s all just tooooooooooooooooo romantic for words.
And it also hasn’t gone unnoticed by Darrell that the delightfully fragrant and high cheekboned Martine McCutcheon is also paying a visit to Evesham later in the year  ……. for an evening of  “up close and personalist”
IMG_6627 ……. and I think, knowing Darrell and his proclivity for a pretty lady, usually of a celebrity type nature,  love is now well and truly in the air.  What is he like?

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Darrel Dun Gud!

Darrell has finally “allowed” me to return to my bedroom ………..
…… and I have to say …… “the boy dun gud”
IMG_6599IMG_6606 He had, he said, a “vision” and I think all those hours spent poring over Pinterest and House Beautiful magazines at the dentist paid off. 
He says there may be a little more primping and rearranging of shelves to do, but as it is my room, he will only advise, as he concedes that my taste in object d’art may not, perhaps, be as a la mode and cutting edge as his, but he is there, if I need his considered opinion on anything.
At the moment, it is admittedly all very white, however, having said that I don’t think I have ever really expressed the wish to be a total stranger to the aesthetic pleasures of Broderie Anglaise.
As Darrell left me admire my new room, I couldn’t help but hear him going into his and Nigel’s room and the sound of furniture being surreptitiously moved around ……..  I fear think Darrell has a few more interior tweaks for The Towers up his sleeve ……I am just grateful he actually does have taste, Hugh his best friend and mentor has taught him well!