Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Royal Wedding De Rigueur?

It has to be said that there is very little, if anything, available in Evesham of a Royal Wedding type nature and consequently with only four weeks to go Darrell is in a bit of a panic about it all. What on earth is he like?
Harry ans Meghan Wedding T-shirt
He “says” that he thinks he has found “us” the perfect t-shirt, but he will have to order them online and I, in turn, have told him, in no uncertain terms, that I will certainly not be wearing one. You’d have thought with all the mentoring on all that is de rigueuer he’s received from Hugh over the years, he’d have come up with something that had at least an ounce of class and finesse.
When Harry Met Meghan I ask you?  I think NOT!
Royal wedding t-shirt
I’ve told him we’ll wear our best bib and tucker t-shirts and embrace our creative side by making our own commemorative badges to adorn them. There is no need at all for any angst or the wringing of hands, we have plenty of time.
Royal Wedding T-shirt.
When I go to Weston Super Mare in a couple of weeks time I am sure that I will be able to find a couple of Union Flags for us to wave and perhaps even a tea towel to drape over the settee in a decorous manner and in the meantime, he can concoct a celebratory Harry and Meghan cocktail for the royal toast and get the iced fancies in!  I think he has calmed down now!

Monday, 23 April 2018

New York Real Estate

Nigel said that he couldn’t help having a little peruse in a New York Real Estate window, well, it would have been rude not to ……
However, dreaming aside, he did think that Darrell would have been in his element critiquing the interior designs of some of the properties had he been there with him. 
They may even have dared one another to make a couple of appointments to view said properties so that they could have a proper look around, under the guise of being two, plum rich, Evesham oligarchs in need of a discrete New York Pret a Manger Pied de Terre.  What is he like? 

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Nigel Does China Town & Little Italy

Nigel tells us that he has now “done” China Town. He was in two minds as to whether to go or not, and he said it was exactly as he had expected, unless he missed had something.
He’d gone mainly because he’d been told it was the place to go for cheap New York souvenirs, as indeed it was, saving him quite a few dollars on each of the “choice” items he had purchased.  I dread to think what!
But, Nigel said he absolutely LOVED Little Italy, which is right next door to China Town, not for it’s souvenirs, interesting as they were, but for the gelato which was in every flavour imaginable and unimaginable …….
…….. ……. and the wonderfully cute cafes ……and as such it would have looked awfully rude not to treat himself….. just a little.
images (1)
It was a hard call to call, but in the end he decided it wouldn’t be right if he didn’t avail himself of the “Best Cannoli on the Planet” at Caffe Palermo. 
It DID NOT disappoint!
Although, in making his choice he had to ask the waitress to come back four times before he was able to make his mind up …….. and then, he still waivered a little.
It had to be, he said a trio of cannoli …………..
………… and a pastry whose name he had to point to as he couldn’t get his tongue round it, i.e a small sfogliatella, which he thought he recognised from The Great British Bake-Off.  Both were a most excellent choice, giving Nigel a sugar rush that sent him floating on air back to his hotel.  His stomach was, he said, in seventh, eighth, ninth and possibly tenth heaven.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

The Carousel in Prospect Park

It has to be said that although Nigel has only seen a pin prick of Brooklyn, he absolutely loved it, and said that if he ever returned to New York, especially now he knows how easy it is to get around on the subway, he would find a quiet hotel there and travel in to the city each day, as he much preferred the more relaxed atmosphere of a village type nature.IMG_7244
And as such, his last port of call was the famous hand carved carousel in Prospect Park which dates back to a very historical 1912.
It was stunning ……..
…… very romantic …….
…… and almost deserted, which was a quite a weird sensation with the iconic skyline of Manhattan looming just across the river ……. he found it another pinch yourself sort of moment!
The signs in the park also made him smile ……..  he has seen signs warning you not to feed the seagulls back home at the seaside, but never one warning you not to feed the cats ….. only in New York ……. that was a whole different ball game.
As for dogs not being allowed on the lawn, well that was understandable, but furniture?  The lawn was quite a way from any houses/apartments, so it seemed unlikely that anyone would really want to take any of their furniture there.
But then, he had a fit of the giggles thinking of all the local people dragging their three piece suites, dining tables ……..
……. beds and other household items down with them to embrace the view in comfort. We might share a common language, but at times Nigel has found Americans a bit erm …… strange!
It may not have been San Francisco, but Nigel says that he definitely left his heart in Brooklyn, bless him.

Friday, 20 April 2018

How Would You Define Stalker?

Following on from yesterday, there has been even more activity on the opposite side of the river …..
……. this time involving a bright yellow dingy ……. something that would be very useful at The Towers in September when Little Miss Iris starts school directly across the river from us, it would certainly save us a forty minute walk to get round.
There seemed to be an awful lot of passing poles from dingy to land going on ………
……curiouser and curiouser.  Darrell’s revised theory is that we are now be getting a tunnel …………….. and I am left wondering if there is some sort of nefarious smuggling afoot!
And then…… when all the activity had died down, the river bank gave  up of its pleasures again, this time with another visitor of a completely different and beautiful type nature ……….

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Nosey Parkers, Squashed Tomatas!!

Now … I don’t really spend all my time twitching at the window ……..
……. but over the past couple of days I couldn’t help but notice much activity across the river at the marina, mostly under the bridge ……..
……. including the precarious collecting of large buckets of water.
And, I have to confess, that it’s at times like this that I wish I had a discreet sort of megaphone to help satisfy my curiosity in politely enquiring, in a neighbourly fashion naturally, what was occurring.  Darrell says that I am just plain nosey!
The gentlemen's vans are all unmarked, the only clue I have been able to ascertain, with the help of the zoom lens on my camera, is that one of the said gentleman appears to have ASCOM printed on the back of his hi-viz jacket ……..
……. which, after a further casual internet search, comes up as a telecom system company, so perhaps it’s something to do with improving the Wi-Fi signal on some of the barges. And, perhaps Darrell is right, I am being a bit nosey, but there again, it was also Darrell who himself pointed out that he thought that the fishing platform over there had gone, which leads him to think that perhaps they are making preparations for a couple more barge moorings, a far more romantic prospect and vista for us.
I needless to say I will keep you informed as to any further developments, especially as Darrell and I now have a small 50p wager on whether his theory is right or wrong.  What are we like?

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Tres Tres Magnolia!

As soon as Darrell got through the front door when he arrived back home from his short stay with Hugh, his best friend and mentor at his country bolt hole in Worcester, he senses were assaulted by the robust aroma of fresh paint ……….
In his absence I had forgotten to tell him that The Towers had undergone something of a makeover in the entrance, halls, stairs and landing, which had all come as a bit of a surprise, as we hadn’t received any correspondence informing us that this was being done.
However, it was a welcome development as things were starting to look a bit tired, even though some things had been glossed over without repair!
Darrell said that the magnolia was all very Dame Kelly Hoppen, Goddess of Greige and the absence of any statement walls a little disappointing ……
……. however, perhaps not all of the other residents would appreciate what Darrell might have had in mind, if he’d had some import!
There is also one small problem ……. to wit none of the flat front doors have been painted, making them appear much greyer against all the new gloss paint work ……..
……… Darrell had insisted that questions must be asked, if not in Parliament, then certainly of our management company …… we await their reply!