Tuesday, 20 March 2018

5th Avenue – And Not A Dollar Tree (Or Glue Gun) In Sight

Nigel has been a little remiss in not WhatsApping that many pictures of the designer window displays on 5th Avenue. Darrell had hoped, that via said pictures, he might spot a trend or two before it hit Evesham or perhaps something  that even Hugh, his best friend and mentor hadn’t had a chance to wear yet! What is he like?
But, as I explained to Darrell, you can take the boy out of Poundland, but, you can’t take Poundland out of the boy ….. all the glitter and pazzaz of Versace, Prada and Armani would most probably just go way over the little fella’s head.IMG_6857
However, I may have done Nigel a small injustice, as the display in the Dolce and Gabbana window did in fact catch Nigel’s eye, he was quite taken with an evening suit with silver and black sequin detail on the lapels, but had heeded my words before he’d left, that if something in a shop window doesn’t have a price tag on you can safely assume you can’t afford it.
He also thought Darrell ( …….and Hugh) might perhaps suit one or two choice items from the Dolce and Gabbana Sacred Heart and Poker Card range, but wisely used his phone data to check on the prices ……… and found that, for Darrell at least, £1,100 for a sweatshirt was a little on the exorbitant side.
He did however WhatsApp a picture to Darrell, saying that with all Darrell’s artistic and creative flair he could just as easily produce a similar sort of thing with a pack of fabric pens, flat backed gems, a few embroidered appliques like they have on the market and a glue gun!  I left Darrell to wrestle with that particular nugget!

Monday, 19 March 2018

Nigel – On Top Of The Rock

While Darrell and I have been enjoying the wintery riverside climes of Evesham ……….
……. Nigel has, at last, managed to get to the top of the Rockerfeller Center or Top of The Rock as it is known https://www.rockefellercenter.com/
He has had to keep putting it off as the inclement weather conditions in New York would have prevented anyone from getting any kind of a view. 
But early yesterday morning on seeing that the sun was finally shining and not a cloud in the sky, Nigel raced over to make sure he would be first in the queue.
It did not disappoint!
aaaaatop of rock4
Nigel beat the crowds and so could really embrace the experience without being jostled for the perfect photo opportunity.
It was truly breath-taking and another goose bumps, hair standing on end experience.
It was soooooooooooooooooooooooo worth the wait.
And, he found that if he looked carefully through the telescope he could even see the people on top of The Empire State Building!  What is he like?
On the first level of the Observation Deck there was a massive crystal geode wall created by Swarovski called “Radiance”, made of six hundred custom glass and crystal panels measuring one hundred and eighty feet wide.
Nigel thought it might be something for Darrell to consider scaling down, if ever he decides to redecorate the hall, or perhaps scale down even  more to create a spectacular and very different decorative panel for behind the bed in their room!  ……….. I think not!
There was also a retail opportunity in what has to be the highest shop Nigel has ever been in, it was a little bit expensive, so Nigel limited himself to just a pencil ……..
…….. to remember a very wonderful morning. 
aaaaatop of rock 2aaaaatop of rock
Father Christmas done good yet again!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Nigel Discovers Super Supersize!

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by Nigel that America likes to do things BIG,  in particular, as far as Nigel’s interests are concerned, items of a confectionary type nature, to wit M & M’s.
It seems that he had a bit of a yen to treat himself to a bijoux packette of Peanut Butter M & M’s, but despite a very prolonged search all he could find was what they call a family size bag ……. well, that’s what he is telling us anyway. 
Now, back at The Towers the largest bag of branded sweeties we could ever hope/expect to share would  be a 4 to 6 oz. pouch, but in The Big Apple, as Nigel has found, a 1lb 2.4oz bag is almost de rigueur.  1lb 2.4oz? Can you imagine? That would last us for weeks (well, perhaps one week). As you know we greatly appreciate the odd Maltesers or two ……. 1lb 2.4oz in Maltesers would fill a blooming bucket!
Nigel has promised that he will ration his intake of said M & M’s very carefully and that during his search he also found one or two other choice confectionary comestibles that are now filling a corner of his suitcase ready to bring home and review …… bless his cotton socks!

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Film Shoots Akimbo Dans New York

Nigel hasn’t helped but notice that there are an awful lot of posters stuck on lamp posts in New York.  Now back in Evesham they would mainly pertain to  missing dogs, missing cats, planning permission or the temporary closure of roads, but in New York they are of a MUCH more spellbinding type nature ………. to wit, film shoots, and that is just beyond toooooooooooo wonderful and exciting.
This poster was for something called “Iconoclast”.  Nigel would have dearly loved to have gone back and casually stood in the background looking unobtrusive and natural in the hope of becoming an “inadvertent” extra, but his schedule, though not written in stone, really doesn’t leave much time to go back to places he’s already been.
Just seeing the poster was really spine tingling enough in itself, stood standing in a “place of filming”, but Nigel was careful to note the name of the film, so that when it eventually comes to screen he can say, a million and one times no doubt, that he was almost there! 

Friday, 16 March 2018

Nigel Continues One Of Our Holiday Traditions

As you know, it’s a bit of a tradition that we try to find a few moments to visit a quaint old church at some point during our holidays to remember those who can’t be with us any more and to that end Nigel thought he would like to continue said tradition in New York …….
…… however, it soon became very apparent that New York doesn’t really have many quaint old churches in among the skyscrapers, so  in the end Nigel found himself doing huge, imposing and Catholic in the guise of St Patricks Cathedral………
…… but really, when it comes to it …. lighting a candle, is lighting a candle wherever and whatever the church you’re in. 
However, finding somewhere for a reflective moment was a little more problematic for Nigel, because St Patricks Cathedral has a total of twenty one side altars, each dedicated to a different saint, and Nigel, not wishing to offend any of them, decided it might be best to just sit right  in the middle, in front of the main altar.
He also spotted a confessional box, but thought that if he went in, he might be in there for rather a long time, so comforted himself with the idea that perhaps sins committed in another land (to wit the UK) might not count in the US.  What on earth is he like?

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Meanwhile Back At The Towers ……

While Nigel is embracing the pleasures of The Big Apple, Darrell and I are keeping a watchful eye on the river ………
There may be a whimsical sprinkling blossom on the greengage trees, but me thinks winter is not quite finished with us yet …….
….. because at the moment the path along the river is unable to offer any safe passage into town whatsoever………
…….. due to the water level reaching the bottom four/five steps down from The Towers and all of the fishing platforms have totally disappeared.
The wild, swirling waters could almost be described as romantic if it wasn’t for the chocolate colour and the myriad of objects that come hurtling down at a rate of knots.
The poor ducks look quite bewildered as they are swept along, but at least they can save their feet, as they are not having to do much paddling at the moment!
But, I think we are pretty safe, if the water ever reached The Towers, then I think Evesham would need a man called Noah to fashion an ark of biblical proportions.
But, I think I might ask Tom and The Lovely Laura if they could possibly lend us the old baby bath they have in their garage and a couple of cricket bats to paddle ……… with just in case!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Nigel Comes Up Trumps?!!!

Nigel said that he was just mooching down 5th Avenue (sadly, not a thrift or Dollar Store to be found),  when he noticed a building that looked a bit familiar, but he couldn’t quite place it ……
……. then noting that it was very gold, the penny (or cent) dropped and he realised it was Trump Tower from Celebrity Apprentice USA, which we used to enjoy ages ago when it was on very late on BBC 1,  despite us not knowing who any of the US celebrities were!
There was a very heavy security presence on the front door, but seeing that people were going in and out, Nigel thought that although it wasn’t really part of his Big Apple itinerary, it would be remiss not to take a little peek.
Once through the portals Nigel found that he had to surrender his backpack and its contents to be rigorously scrutinised by the sort of armed guards that you wouldn’t want to argue with, and Nigel was just grateful that the spare vest, pants and handkerchief  I told him to always carry did not cause any untoward concern!
IMG_6875And then Nigel saw that Trump Tower was even more gold on the inside than on the outside, not unlike, he thought Hugh, Darrell’s best friend and mentors bathroom!
He really wasn’t sure what he would find inside, but there were a couple of shops and places to eat and drink ……..  who would have thought there would be a Trump Ice Cream Parlour with 24 flavours of ice cream and sorbet, complete with a gentlemen busy buffing up it’s already shiny copper panels!
But Nigel, a little overwhelmed by his opulent surroundings, decided that he needed to keep things simple and just  partook in a small latte (which was giant by our standards), as he was worried that it was probably all he he could afford anyway.
IMG_6868However, it’s arrival in a ordinary, plain cardboard cup was the cause of some disappointment to Nigel as he had really expected it to have been served, at least, in a gold cardboard cup!
As he sipped, encompassed by so much gold, Nigel couldn’t help musing as to what the “restrooms” might be like ……… well, it would be rude not to have a look he thought ……..
The humungous and very shiny corridor that led to said restrooms promised much, Nigel imagining himself resting his erm …….. posterior, on at least a gold seat ………and then undoubtedly pulling a gold chain ………
……… let’s just say, Nigel was greatly disappointed (again) and questions may be asked in the White House!  It’s all in the detail as Darrell is oft heard to say, and sadly, behind the glitz and glamour of its gold fa├žade, for Nigel, Trump Tower was found to be sadly wanting …………